Namareq Housing Company


Established in Jordan 2004, it’s subsidiary of AlJazera Group works in Housing and Construction Field.

Alnamarq Board of Directors consists of a group of partners have extensive experience in the field of investments and engineering crew experienced, making it reliable and credible to their clients.



Alnamarq activities focus on meeting the population and professional and service needs of a large segment of society and vitality, these projects to be engines of economic growth contribute to raising the level of real prosperity in the community and take into account the principles of corporate social responsibility.



Alnamarq Housing Company aims during the performance of work on a full commitment to professionalism in work and seeking always to get a high degree of customer satisfaction and good reputation.


To achieve these objectives has focused its work on the following:

1. care to provide excellent services to their customers and a high degree of professionalism and efficiency of the administration.

2. Customer satisfaction and meet their needs and desires and offer sincere advice to support it in making the right decision.

3. Fully aware that our reputation and our success is measured by the degree of our commitment to customer satisfaction, so the company put the customer at the forefront of our concerns.


Our Projects:

Villa in Abdoun area

Apartment in Madena Al Monawara Street.

Apartment for Students.


Our Company Classified as one of the Best Housing Companies In Jordan.

We have another branch in Iraq worked in construction.