Boss Word


We have developed our firms selectively and deliberately over the years in order to cater for the business demands in Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Arab Emirate. Now more than ever, these increasing business demands have created a highly competitive market. Yet our competitive edge lies in the long-term partnerships that have been forged with our clients due to the extraordinary individuals who make up Al Jazera Group.

Perhaps the greatest testament to Al Jazera capabilities is reflected in our repeat business.

Proud of our longevity as a business and the extensive array of products and services we offer. However, we are cautious about our growth but are unquestionably risk-takers in our ideas and business model.

We organize around industries to share the latest research and points of view on emerging industry trends, develop industry-specific performance benchmarks based upon global best practices, and share methodologies and approaches in complex areas. In addition, our network is available to collaborate on accounting or technical issues unique to a particular industry, especially when interpretive guidance is needed.

Our commitment to having the best team and to providing unequaled services is the promise we make to our clients and ourselves.