BIA School


Why BIA?

Quality education is our main focus, we are committed to hiring highly experienced educators, who encourage, support, and celebrate each student. We recognize that every learner has her own strengths and needs and hence we seek to cater for those skills and capabilities. We believe in supportive, interactive teaching with the aim of turning learners’ weaknesses into strengths. Here learners choose to learn and grow, to challenge and lead. Equally, we believe that each of our learners, is an authentic spirit, and by that we spot and encourage talent in all of our learners; by inspiring them to start a new initiative, take an uncomfortable stand and utilize their unique skills; so ultimately they may achieve their dreams.


Our Mission:

British International Academy aspires to foster ethical women of action through engaging the mind, motivating the spirit, and solidifying values and self-confidence. We guide our students to become vital contributors to our complex global society, whilst maintaining pride in their beliefs and sustaining tolerance of diversity.


Our Vision:

British International Academy strives to position itself among the country’s leading girl’s schools, through quality education, a nurturing learning environment and embracing talents and creativity, by implementing an international inquiry based curriculum.



BIA believes in value-based education to empower our learners to be responsible citizens of the world, yet with high emphasis on our values and heritage. This is why our core values are expressed through every academic and extracurricular activities at BIA.


All-Girls Education:

Here at BIA we aspire to create a culture of achievement in which academic progress, leadership, and individual discovery are of great importance. Our learners are brought up to be independent thinkers, risk-takers, problem solvers, and most importantly a voice of change. They fill every role; each one is taught to be capable of occupying each and every part from leading discussions, to leading teams, to creating strategies for success both inside the classroom and in their daily lives. Learners who graduate from all-girls schools not only readily take their place in the world as a person of intellectual stature equal to their peers, but also realize that they are capable of breaking boundaries and running the show by themselves, becoming leading ladies instead of supporting actors.